Minnie Mouse Makes Her Mark at Fashion Week.

As previously reported (here), a few designers will be paying tribute to the Disney Icon, and their special edition pieces will be showcased tomorrow at London Fashion Week, after which they will be auctioned off on eBay.

Above are sneak peeks of the one-off creations. Richard Nicoll has designed a black and white floor-length jersey dress, as well as a mini dress which has been designed around Minnie’s famous ears which make for striking shoulders. Giles Deacon created a dress very similar to Minnie’s own, with a studded red bow headband, and Lulu Guinness’ input consists of two adorable bags in the shape of Minnie’s head.

Get your fingers at the ready for the eBay auction of these one-off pieces because not only does the money go to a good cause but my gosh, aren’t they fabulous… 

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