Highlight LFW: Philip Treacy.

Is is a bird? A plane? No, it’s Lady Gaga draped in a fuchsia shroud. That is how the show started, with Lady Gaga addressing the crowd and introducing what would be the highlight of London Fashion Week, and yes, I know it hasn’t even finished yet, “Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest milliner in the world, Philip Treacy.”.

After 13 years of absence from London Fashion Week, Treacy came back with a bang. What made the show to scumptiously spectacular was the fact that the Michael Jackson-inspired head pieces were paired with the King of Pop’s stage costumes…it was incredible. This is the only peek of the costumes that UK will see before they are flown back to LA to be auctioned off in December.

The head pieces were outstanding, as usual, and, aside from the costumes, the Michael Jackson theme was apparent on the all-black model cast: a miniature version of Neverland tettering atop one model’s head, a sparkling white gloved hand clutching a model’s temple and another model showcased a crystalised version of the icon’s signature trilby.

The front row was studded with designers and celebrities:  Grace Jones, Vivienne Westwood, Dita Von Teese, and Kim Cattrall to name but a few. Treacy spoke prior to his show, saying of the pop icon, “Michael Jackson did better than anyone the sense of the extraordinary”, and Treacy successfully followed that through in his show. 

Pure genius.

Images from vogue.co.uk

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