Some Serious Shoes.

In celebration of Lady Gaga’s debut fragrance, The Fame, United Nude made Her Gagesty a special pair of preposterously stripper-high platforms, in-keeping with the ad for the scent, crawling with little golden naked men. The 12 inch heels will be avaliable for purchase from United Nude’s stores in London, Amsterdam and Paris.

Here’s what the Creative Director, Rem D. Koolhaas, of United Nude had to say of the commission: “They wanted the shoes to be as high as possible, so that’s what they got. We came up with a few concepts, one which was inspired by her own FAME campaign where she’s a naked giant and people are climbing on her”.

Gaga wore the shoes to the Macy’s launch of The Fame, at which she emerged from a black egg-shaped vessel on a carriage that mimicked the bottle of the perfume. The shoes are a work of art, and only Gaga could do those platforms justice.

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