Brand Alert! COI NYC.

Conflict of Interest (COI) is an ingenious brand which has mixed high fashion names with a humorous concept, playing heavily on counterfeit designer goods.

This is what COI have to say about themselves: “C.O.I. is a fictitious, convert goverment agency charged with confiscating “unlicensed” designer goods. Its agents raid warehouses and shipping containers worldwide to obtain the few items that have appeal, the rest are destroyed. Despite their origins the selected items that remain are of the highest quality and redistributed through proper channels. Simply put they operate in secret so that you can stunt in public.”

The Ballinciaga, Giraunchy and Bodega Vendetta t-shirts are popping up all over the place from street style photographer snaps. COI has mastered the mix of hip hop and high fashion, which is terribly on trend at the moment. The t-shirts are $60 each and are limited edition, check out and their tumblr

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